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    Question Help to find a windows based hosting plan

    I need your recommendations on a Windows based hosting company/plan.

    I am using ASP and MS Access database. Storage space and transfer rate are not an issue, minimal is enough.

    My concern is reliability and price.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Firebead,


    Simon posts here alot - good guy and good service.

    Hope this helps,
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    I agree. I've heard many good things about

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    Or make a short list and post it here for feedback.
    Professional Hosting Services.

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    We have used and have been pleased with them. They run H-Sphere CP. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for Windows Hosting.

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    How about CheapWebHost.US?

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    if you're looking for good support, try ************.com, i used to be with them for 3 years. Fast speed, excellent support (you can phone them at 3 AM in the morning)

    They write their own control panel, but it's not bad.
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    check out..

    look through "Related Offers & Requests" there are Windows based hosting plans offered.

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    Windows hosts in good repute...

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    Because I love ASP/ASP.NET and of course Windows I have to contribute to as much as I can to threads about Windows hosting.

    Here are my recommendations. My top two windows hosts have become MaximumASP (expensive though) and Both of these companies are really really good at what they do. Service at these two companies is awesome.

    I have to disagree with WH2004, I am not a fan of ************. I think their support is poor. There are times when I've waited on hold about an hour (thank god for speaker phones).

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