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    Downloadable Goods Shopping Cart


    I am looking for a shopping cart to sell downloadable goods. I am willing to pay up to $70.

    Does anyone know the names of the shopping carts that uses, or uses? Both are for downloadable products and work great. I was wondering if anyone could give me the names; I would like to purchase one of them. Thanks!
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    Have you checked out - they might be able to help you.

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    no I haven't. I will though.
    Ralix, LLC

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    I haven't used this myself, but someone suggested Linklok URL to me. She seemed pleased with it.
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    Hi osCommerce offers this functionality, but not right out of the box. Theres a mod which needs to be installed and some additional customization - but it is effective and affordable.

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    payloadz is really great. but you can find a bunch on google as well.

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    search in google and will give you a list of name.


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    osCommerce with the download module works well.

    You can set it to either.
    i.) Allow client 5..10 downloads within 30 days after their
    credit card is accepted or
    ii.) Send an unlock code when their credit card is accepted.

    Autogeneration of unlock code or lmited trial code is also possible.

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    for Paypal digital download delivery, and a few others things
    Sell Digital Goods with DigiVendor
    Web Hosting Automation with PhpHostBot

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