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    [modernbill] help!~!!!

    hmmph... modernbill is quite confusing. If you would like to talk to me on aim or msn, please pm me and let me know... need some basic questions answered.


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    Ask your questions here, so everyone can benefit from answers givin from the other members.

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    i have many questions... mind if someone helps me online? about 15 or so

    edit: what i ment was i need to talk online via aim or msn for mb ??'s
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    why don't you try to search on modernbill forum ?

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    moved to ecommerce forum.

    As said earlier, you can ask yoru questions here, and people woudl be more than happy to answer them. But you should first see the modernbill manual: to see if that answers your questions, and if that doesn't, see the modernbill forums.

    Any specific questions on modernbill need to be directed to their support forums.

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