Opinions please!

We are looking at launching a new range of packages involving, private and transparent private connections from Level3.

The bandwidth options would be:

10MBit capped port
100MBit capped port
1000MBit capped port

There would be no bandwidth usage costs (in other words unmetered with a max throughput of your port cap).

You would be directly connected to Level3 and therefore not routed through our core network.

The likelyhood is that we would package the offers as follows:

10MBit + 4U Colocation @ €0 Setup - €1,200 Monthly
100MBit + 8U Colocation @ €0 Setup - €5,500 Monthly
1000MBit + Full Rack @ €0 Setup - €POA Monthly

The prices would be inclusive of any taxes.

Also to repeat, this would not be shared bandwidth. This is would be direct and private connections directly to Level3.

These offers could be made available should anyone be interested, but we are mainly interested in peoples opinions on:

1) The idea and package setups
2) The pricing
3) Any questions that you would ask if you saw (and were interested) in this offer

This is not an "Offer" this is a request for comments, suggestions and opinions.

Looking forward to hearing back from the community,

Kind Regards,

Adam Harris