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    How is worldpay??


    I want to be able to process CreditCard payments.
    And I prefer an Internet Merchant Account, with my own discriptor(Company name) on the CreditCard statements, and I need a low transaction fee, and low rates. [I live in Europe, and I don't want a third party merchant account, so I'm looking overseas, but the US providers, only accepts US companies, and require a US SSN, and that's impossible for me. The only provider who will accept EU companies is Paysystems, but you will only get an IMA, if you can show CC processing history, and I've never processed CC payments before]

    - cC anyone overhere tell me, if this is possible to get your own Company name on the CreditCard statements with Worldpay?
    Or do the Clients get to see Worldpay on the CC statements?

    - And how much is the transaction fee per CC payment via Worldpay? And how is their system, easy to use, and integrate in the website?

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    You can ask them straight, they should have a good customer desk for this kind of questions.
    Their pricing schema always confuses me, I never understand what I would pay at all if I go with them.
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    I think your company name will appear in the credit card statement and different countries will have different transaction fee.

    Ask them is the best way. You may get some special offers if you contact their sales.

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    Yeah I allready send them an e-mail, so far not yet an Response from WordPay. I'm waiting.

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    So far no response yet, anyway I checked a CreditCard statement of an CreditCard which I used at to purchase a membership, and this was via WorldPay, and on the CreditCard statement was their name: wp-astalavista-gro.

    And I don't understand why this is a problem for MyPaySystems, because even PayPal will put your own name on your statement, for example: PayPal dutchee.
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    And I don't understand why this is a problem for MyPaySystems, because even PayPal will put your won name on your statement, for example: PayPal dutchee.
    Because PaySytems are a bunch of unprofessional morons that you should avoid like the plague

    Stick to the others.

    Dr S

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    Yeah I guess your right, they are promissing everything, but they require a processing history, and other stuff. So you they advice MyPaySystems 2-3 months, then you can get maybe your own IMA, but you can't take the CreditCard data from your customers with you to your own IMA. So you have to use 2 accounts.

    Their Discount Rates, and their transaction fee for an IBA account is too high. And their chargeback fee is CRAZY.
    And I read enough about their refund policy on this board.

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    Worldpay doesn't list pricing anywhere on their site. Anyone know their transaction fees? (yes, i emailed them)

  9. #9 I don't know yet thair transaction fee, I want a low transaction fee, not 50 ect or something, that's to expensive. I've not yet received a response, When they told me their transaction fee, than I will report it overhere.

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    An IMA account via PaySystems is much cheaper.
    But I guess I will choose for WorldPay, but theyre pricing is higher.
    I guess you need an extra agreement for Recurring Billing(They call it I guess FuturePay):

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    I've send them 2 e-mails with a few simple questions.
    And I received notifys that they received en opened my e-mails yesterday, but not yet a response today, is it so hard for WorldPay to reply, and answer my questions?? Anyone with experiences?

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    Hey Dudes, I received my response, and there is no transaction fee. Only the discount rate of 4.5% per transaction.

    - 250 Euro Annual fee
    - 145 Euro Set up fee
    - 4.5% per Credit Card transaction (inc Banking Charges)
    - 50p per Debit Card transaction
    - WorldAlert Transaction Charge 0.10 Euro

    If you decide to take the Guarantee(Insurance) than the WorldAlert transaction fee is waived away.
    The transaction fee depends a little bit on which services you use per transaction:

    AnyWay they are cheaper than other CC processors, you get more for less, and a good service, and great products, multi curency/lingual payments too. And I'm almost sure about it that your own Company Name will apear on the CC statements of your customers. I think I will definitely apply for WorldPay!!
    (I think it's the best choice when you're planning to process much CC payments)

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    Yes, your company name will appear on your customer credit and debit card statements.
    Well my choice is definitely WorldPay

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    I am currently using WorldPay, and am very happy with them.

    They are a little more expensive than others, however you get what you pay for - and they do have a professional support team always willing to help.

    I would recommend them.

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    Well they do not bill you a transaction fee, only discount rates, so If you're selling much products/services for low prices, then is WorldPay cheapo!! And they have a annual fee, and set-up fees.

    By other processor will vary the transaction fee from 25cts to 50cts per transaction. Discount rates from 2.25% 5.50% or more.

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