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    Will Share My ServInt Dedicated Server 50-50 for a Very Attractive Price

    Server specs:

    Intel P4 2.4 Ghz
    Intel 845-GE Chipset
    533 Mhz Front-Side Bus
    1 GB PC2700 333Mhz DDR RAM
    80 GB 7200rpm Hard Drive
    600 GB Data Transfer per Month
    RH Linux

    (Originally offered with 4 IPs; you can have them all, and I can get you a few more at no cost w/justification.)

    This is a (really) MANAGED server, perfect for tech dummies like me or for those who prefer to use their productive time on things other than server management. If you have even only basic knowledge of Cpanel/WHM, that's all the know-how you'll need: The server is very well handled by the Servint staff. I've discussed this with Servint's CEO, and your name will be added to mine as an authorized contact.

    The offer:

    You get half the HD, half the transfer, and of course root access, but for only for a bit more than a third of the server price--a total of just $99 per month. No setup fee and no strings. (Lowest price ServInt has offered for this particular configuration was a limited time deal on WHT for $269 + $199 setup, including Cpanel/WHM).

    Why I'm willing to do this is simple: I now need only a fraction of the space and transfer--but I don't want to leave ServInt's dedicated server service: I've been with the company since 2002 and have received nothing but fast, top-notch attention from the staff and with virtually no downtime (I've measured it in mere hours per year. ) I prefer to pay more per specs to stay with a top-drawer provider who never charges more than the fixed amount each month than risk a move to some lesser outfit who appears inexpensive until you hit a snag or two and the extra "fees" start getting pulled out of your pockets. But while I hardly need the $99 a month to keep the server, I'm not in the habit of spending money just for the sake of it.

    I am not a web host; I use the server to host only my own sites, only one of which is "mission-critical." The server load is consequently very low, averaging around .05 (!); resources are abundant, to say the least.

    How do you know I'll stay at Servint and that I can continue to pay for the server? The honest answer has to be (at least from your perspective) "you don't." But before wrapping the agreement, I'll be glad at your request to send a copy of my U.S. passport and copies of recent personal AMEX statements showing monthly transaction totals in the $10k-$15k range, paid in full on time each month. Consider also that I've had a server with ServInt for quite a while. Locally (through WHT), I've spent thousands of dollars for a variety of goods and services, and you'll not find a single person here who isn't 100% pleased with the manner in which I've handled each transaction.

    In return, apart from the monthly fee, I ask that you be at least 18 years of age, preferably (but not necessarily) a resident of the U.S. or Canada, necessarily financially and morally responsible. Specifically, you must follow ServInt's AUP and TOS to the letter and pay in full and on time every month. (If you run into unexpected financial difficulties in a given month, just be up-front and talk to me immediately: While there are no freebies, I'm not unreasonable; besides, I'll be paying for the server regardless.)

    You'll be expected to telephone me to complete the agreement (just long enough to give me your name and number, if you prefer: I can then call you so that you don't incurr any significant LDS charges).

    There are no hidden charges: Servint has never billed me a cent for extra support work many "managed server" companies charge $60.00/hr and more for.

    You can email me via the WHT option or use PM. Please give me an idea of your intended use of the server in the initial contact (what you do within the AUP/TOS is your business; I just want to make sure that the activities are consistent with ServInt's policies).

    I'm in no hurry, so please give me time to respond, as I don't visit WHT every day.

    If I find someone, I'll post accordingly; if I don't, I'll likely repeat the offer once more in the future.

    IP to ping: (PM for speed test)

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    Server is no longer available.

    Thanks, folks!
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