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    Not happy with ProPay, are you?

    EDITED: I wasn't sure if this belonged in this category, but a lot of resellers use credit card processing companies.. and I feel its releavent.

    I've beeen suspicious of ever since I created my account in the summer of 2001. They're prices were really cheap and seemed to offer good features along with processing credit cards. I made sure that I read all of their Terms of Service and Acceptable User Agreements, it all looked good. I did several *live* chats with the customer support team who assured me (which they *supposively* backup on their website) that they offer good fraud protection.

    So I clicked on their order form, expecting to pay with a credit card, and I find it really odd they want me to send in the payment via a money order. Since I think its kind of odd a credit card processing company doesn't accept credit cards I tried to find a phone number to call. My suspicions really rose when I find out they do not offer phone support. At the time there was only a $35.00 fee to activate the account (they didn't have an annual fee like they did now) so I decided ok i'll sign up its only $35.00.

    I sent in the payment, then I immediately Emailed their sales department that the money was on the way which they did reply. I waited about 5 days then I Emailed them to see what was going on. They said its still not here yet, so I wait a few more days. Again its not here yet... but ha ha ha, I purchased delivery confirmation! Yes it was received 3 days after I sent in the payment. I Emailed them again and told them I knew they had received it and one of the sales people replied and said, "Oh yea we just found it"... yea uh huh.. right.. You just all of a sudden found it right when I told you I knew you received it.. yea..riighht...

    So my account was activated that night, which was a good thing I was starting to get a alot of people signing up for web hosting using credit cards. So through my SSL order form I get my first credit card customer, then I immediately go to the website and begin to enter the card. No problems it goes in perfectly. In the next few weeks I probably processed nearly 50 credit cards, all smooth no problems. At that time we were calling all of our customers before we processed their account to verify it was then.. no problems.

    I'd say after a month the problems really started to come in. 3 Customers filed charge backs, and 12 customers say they were over-billed by double the price. We contacted the first 3 customers immediately to find out what is going on. The first 2 were disgruntled customers, which was fine I understand people get mad over things. They paid for the first month, but were allowed to file for a charge back? No, at the time we did not have a money back guarantee. The other customer (some kid we found out who lived in Utah *funny ProPay is based in Utah*) was carding credit cards, which was a stolen credit card. So a charge back was issued and we agreed on that.

    We contacted about the 12 customers who cards were double charged, of course via Email because they have no phone number and their live chat says you have to Email sales. A few business days later they reply and ask me to submit the credit card information via Email. NO WAY am I going to send customer credit cards through Email, that was out of the question. They told me "since you are unwilling to send in the credit cards through Email we are unwilling to help you", in their own words. So now I have 12 customers really pissed off about double charges, so I give them a months free of hosting (it was the responsible thing to do on our part).

    So a few weeks go by and ProPay isn't helpful whatsoever. We Email them daily to see how we can work it out, never trying to help us. I stop all processing all credit cards, and look to find a different company. We get a really big reseller account come through and I (yes stupid) try to process the credit card through When I submit the form, I found out that my account has been CANCELLED.

    I go to their site, bring up the Live Chat where they say I need to contact their ChargeBack Department. Ok I ask what is their phone number.. "i'm sorry we do not offer phone support". I Email them and a few days later they said they canceled my account because I had one charge back. I Emailed back and asked what about their special fraud protection, and it was only one charge back. I didn't care the account was canceled I cared about (GET THIS) they would not let me with-draw any of the money from our customers credit cards. We had nearly 50 customers, whom at the time all were paying from $10 - $40 per month. We had over $650.00 in our account and they would not let us touch it. They said since we had one charge back they were going to suspend our account for a year.

    We immediately told all customers to file charge backs, and issue complaints with the BBB. We then Emailed ProPay and told them to terminate are account. They Emailed us back and said "we don't terminate account, there is no reoccurring fees". So after three years I still get "SPAM" from those snakes.

    Has anyone had really bad stories like this with ProPay? If you are thinking about using them Run.. RUN FAST!!!!

    Sorry long post, but its worth reading....

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    Can a moderator please move this to the correct forum.. I didn't see the E-Commerce Section until it was to late, thank you!

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    *Is now glad we went with* We were going to go with them. However the major turn off was lack of phone support. Also the fact they were using some crazy old live chat.

    I guess this is just a bad CC service. Do they use authnet or what? If we can find the parent we can report them yes?

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    Thread moved.

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    Yeah, propay doesnt look very good. and look good. is a bit expensive, but I heard they were good. has some complaints but more good comments, then bad complaints.

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    BTW, what do you base your comment on AuthorizeNet being expensive on?

    Have you talked to AuthNet resellers? Or talked to AuthNet directly?

    AuthNet will license their gateway at a very high price if you call direct but resellers offer it at much, much lower costs and can also bundle in the required merchant account as well. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
    Many thousands of successful, growing businesses benefit from our expertise every day. You can, too!
    We help merchants to eliminate gateway costs, reduce & mitigate fraud and achieve streamlined PCI compliance.
    Learn more today at - we look forward to helping your business grow!

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    Sorry to hear of your misfortune...

    I have used Propay for over two years and have never had the 1st problem.As far as charge backs,maybe you should go alittle farther in seeing whos card you a are really charging.(does the Ip match their mailing address,is domain name register using same address,ect.) for help go here

    I have had one charge back using Propay,but they have not canceled my account,I verfiy orders and those that look "funny" are usally just than.

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