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    How to keep track of the ticket

    Hi all!

    I am thinking of employing ppl to do ticket support for me. I will be paying the salary base on per ticket closed. May i know how do I keep track on who has answer the ticket (plan to employ more than 1)?

    May i know for ticket support, it is a must for them to have a admin right to the server?


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    Sorry one more question, what kind of question will you when u want to emply a tech staff? Will you test them with question? If yes, what kind of question?


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    You would need to get a helpdesk system that tracked a persons performance. I think perldesk does this.
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    May I know for the payment, when do u give it to the tech support and roughly what is the market rate for tech support?


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    Kayako has nice stats

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    As Reddrake said, Kayako's E-Support will do this for you.


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