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    Question Accepting Western Union Money Transfer Service?

    Is this the same as any normal Telegraphic Transfer?

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    I have no idea what the Telegraph thing is but with WU the customer goes to their local WU location, pays them money, sends you the transaction number and within the hour you can go pick up the cash at your own local WU location.

    Zero cost for you. All costs are for the person sending the money.

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    Telegraphic Transfer also know as Wire...

    So how does it work for those living outside US & Canada?

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    Exactly the same as for those living inside the US and Canada. They just go to their WU location and send you the money

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    Ah.. so it's the same are wire then?

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    Not really. As far as I know wire transfer goes through bank. Western Union is everywhere-in bank, pawnshop, convenient store etc. You're sender (from US) can send online by their credit card. You will then pcik the money in your local Western Union agent/location-can be in bank, or just in convenient store.
    Western Union is fast but not highly recommended due to high transaction fees.

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