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    Exclamation Card Fraud

    I have been having a lot of attempted card fraud lately on my site. A lot of it from Indonesia.

    Modus Operandi: Address from US / AU. Domain names not registered or registered with no or incorrect contact information. Order is placed from different country than given contact address or through proxies of that country.

    I was just wondering what quantity of fraud attempts a web hosting company has on average, say in a month.

    What can we do about it besides ignoring or blocking these orders. Are there any governing bodies to which we can report misused IPs ? Web Hosting

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    Our fraud numbers are around 1-2% of signups.

    We just keep learning and tihtening up our processes - very few are slipping through now.

    Keep plugging away - you can def report the fraud card number to the various providers (ie Visa, MC, etc...), but besided that, I dont think theres much you can do.

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    If you have real time card processing many of these fraudsters will target you. They will normally try to purchase big ticket items to see how much a card is good for knowing in most cases you will delete the authorization or sale. They then can use or sell the card saying it has this much available.

    I would recommend just be very careful and check everyorder that comes in.
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    You can also report it to Visa/Mastercard. They have the resources to investiagte CC fraud. You will need to contact your merchant account provider for more information

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    About %2-3 of my orders are fraudalent. and PayPal have caught them right away and reverse the order just as fast. We're really starting the scrutinize the orders that come through our systems now.

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