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    First of all, I know there are tons of CC processing companies out there, and we are currently using one but we need something different:

    - The CC processing company must ONLY process CC numbers
    - It must warn us asap of charges back
    - It must have some fraud control (verifying CC info against the name, expiration date, etc.)
    - It must send an activation http query to one of our script to let us know if the processing was acepted or denied

    - It must NOT be only through a virtual CC panel, meaning that we want to collect the CC info ourselves, store it on our secure server and only send out the CC data to have it processed remotely by the other company.

    We want the hability to do batch processing if possible to speed things up. It should be easy and convenient to do voids,and all other normal billing stuff.

    If possible, a monthly fee instead of a % of the payment processed.

    Any suggestions? The companies I found so far either didnt fit the needs or were chargin way too much.
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    I found: <= pro version

    it seems to do anything I ever wanted it to do plus its not too expensive or anything. Even more cool... you can compile PHP and include a specified module to support directly this type of transactions! That mean I won'T even have to create some gateway myself, its all done.

    Any feedback on them?
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    I hooked up our billing system to Verisign's Payflow Pro last week, through the PHP interface. It's been working great so far. Response time is adequate, and their client library seems solid. A developer acquaintance of mine has been using their services for his customers' sites, and he's reported good results.

    All in all, I think they're a good choice.

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    Great Thanks
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