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    Help: Best & affordable 'affiliate program' that works with 'Both' 2CheckOut/Paypal

    Hello Everyone,

    I know few but either they are too expensive OR they just work with 2CheckOut or Paypal.

    Looking for an affordable but 'great' affiliate program that works with "both" PayPal and 2CheckOut.

    OpenSource/GPL license preferred.



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    what sort of price range do you consider reasonable?

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    Originally posted by demonmoo
    what sort of price range do you consider reasonable? which is recommended by 2CO charges $35/month to provide and host a client's affiliate program. It lets both client and client's customers access the stats and reports online.

    I am more looking for something which is a open source and which can be intalled by us on our sites/server.

    I am looking more like a one time fee (under 50 to $200) and free updates. If its monthly then it should be like $15/month or $200 a year.

    Again it also depends on how is that program rated?
    Does it really do what it claims to do?
    How long its in the use? etc etc

    And then it must work with 2CO and Paypal both.


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    This one looks interesting. They don't mention payment processors, but you could ask the developer.

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