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    Tech Volunteer

    Yes I would like to be a volunteer just to get some experience. I would like to do everything a tech would have to do only to learn things. I understand if there is no trust in the beginning and I know where your coming from and I'm willing to put in my time.
    About Me:
    I'm from Elizabeth NJ
    I'm 17 I'm online more then 5 hrs a day
    3:00pm est-6:00pm est
    then to 10:00pm est-12:30pm est
    I will work for charge since I'm in it for the learning
    I also have experience in installing vboards,ubb and any other bulliten boards. I am great with people and willing to learn. Any other info please e-mail me @ [email protected]
    oh btw I can install most cgi,php and asp scripts
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    I pm'd you

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