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    Which portal software is best?

    Which portal is easier to use?
    Which has the most features?
    Which is nicer?
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    Phpnuke, postnuke, xoops, are some nice ones
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    I have been using discus for 3 years. As for administration features, and the ability to customize the package, it is great.

    Haven't had a regret so far, and my forum takes a pretty good beating on a daily basis.

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    182 offers the most features that I ever seen and is written in ASP and MS SQL Server. Theres several modules you can choose from.

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    You wont go wrong with Discus, been using it for 3 years.

    Most robust admin section, qued messages, low server load, search engine friendly, messages stored as html pages, back-end database with MySQL.

    Over 45 million websites hits in 2003, held strong. Easy backup, and a clean code.

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    As far as I know Discus isn't a portal. It's discussion board type software.

    PHP Nuke, Postnuke, e107 are examples of portals.

    My personal favorite is Mambo as a general CMS solution. Really nice features. The best (read easiest to use) template system which enables designers to go crazy basically. You can't really do that in a more conventional type portal like Postnuke.

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    I think it depends entirely on what you are looking to do with your CMS. It seems that everyone nowadays wants a comunity portal that people can subscribe to and add their own stuff!!

    I myself have been on the hunt for the last few months for a CMS for my fathers website. I site with very few pages but with a constant template theme that I could change sitewide and facilities for some simple stuff like RSS feeds in, polls and perhaps an nice interface so that my technically inept father (sorry dad if you find this on google) can perhaps add or update text on the site every now and then.

    I had tried almost all of the nukes but they are all so comunity based and i don't want anyone comming along and adding stuff to my site. Even if i went through and turned off 90% of the stuff there were bits you couldn't get rid of like having the date the "article" was posted etc.

    Last week someone on a mailing list meantioned mambo server ( ) it is perfect for me!! and does everything above and more!! I would highly recommend this. But like i say, depends what sort of portal your after!!

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    Hello all,

    Which CMS will suit the following requirements;

    1. I already have an Invision Forum and I want the CMS to use the same member database. Basically, it should have a nice built-in forum or the possiblity to integrate it with VB or IB.

    2. It must have a very nice 'link directory' module. Just a basic web directory which has a front-end just like, htat shows just a link title with a description, nothing else. (unlimited) Sub-categories and a search feature (only for the web links section) is a must.

    3. Integration with a webmail system (hivemail etc.) or should have a built-in webmail module where users can check their mails.

    Any other option (articles manager, chat rooms etc.) is a plus but not required.

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