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    Question PHP and E-Commerce

    I was just looking for some books tonight that talk about payment gateways, and how to code it for PHP. No such luck at the 3 book stores in my area. Does anyone know of a great book that goes into details, and has examples of code for processing credit cards and other E-Commerce stuff?

    Or ...

    Do you know of a great site where there are examples of processing credit cards through a payment gateway.

    Also ...

    Is payquake any good? Would you recommend it, or something else ... for someone with a low budget ?

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    Which gateway did you have in mind? I mean with Linkpoint - you can pass inputs over to the gateway very easily. You can review internet products here:

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    Hi Sean,

    Most payment gateways will provide the code you require. No need to re-invent the wheel here.

    As far as ecommerce, take a look at osCommerce - it has modules readily available for most payment gateways...

    Hope this helps....

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    As Gargoyle suggested, look at OSC

    Most of the major processors have relatively easy API's to install in any case and provide details when you sign up.
    Nickki Steptoe

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