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    Free Website

    My name is Rob Wilson, I am 15 years old!
    I need to build a portfolio so I have decided to offer my services for free, only two hours per person that I can offer, but there may be special cases, i really need a host if anyone can help me with that because my design site is not up and running. I have been in the website design section for about a year now and as i said i need a portfolio to gain extra work, I have only one of my sites online at the moment but there are a few, this site is the first every one i created but i was helped with Elevation Media, it is Thank You if you can help,

    Rob Wilson

    E-Mail [email protected]

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    Just a little advise.....
    You want people to really like your portfolio, and it needs to be your best work. Spending 2 hours each on 10 sites would probably wouldn't impress me as much as if you had 2 sites you spent about 10 hours on (So they would really look good, but I usually spend more than that on a layout).

    Good Luck

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    Maybe you should list your example site in this forum's Website Reviews forum and see how it rates first.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    I agree

    I agree with u one that about the time, i only said that because I was worried about getting to many people wanting a site so i now take that back so no more two hours on each site.

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