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    Looking for adult hosting

    Hi I am looking for web hosting for a new web site
    I post to the larger tgps and can burn 10gigs in a day at maximum
    need 100gigs on virtual
    or 200gigs on dedicated
    Nothing fancy required just speed and gigs
    Cgi bin
    Monthly contract preferable
    I have a couple of virtual sites at present just wanted to shop here.
    [email protected]
    Thank you for your time

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    Why would you require only 100 GB on virtual and 200 GB on a dedicated server ? Is the difference in bandwidth measurement so great ?

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    If i am to commit to dedicated i would host 2 or more domains on the one server
    if i am to use virtual i would try it with just the one domain first
    if server is fast enough and all is cool i would get a 2nd lot of 100gigs.
    I have 2 web sites a t present on diferent servers

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    Is there some resource I can use to find web hosting to suite?
    I thought i would get offers if I posted here
    Thanks for your time

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    i would say

    I would say

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    Monthly contract preferable
    Why would i want free hosting?splatwd
    Dont need spam just solutions

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    k man, just trying to help earn some $$ : )

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