I have paid 3 Months of Leasing with Modernbill and I need to choose between two Payment Tipes:

Anniversary Invoicing : It'll bill the Client Every Month (It'll not Prorate Payment)

Monthly Invoicing: It'll bill the Client on a Fixed Date (Example 22th of Every Month, the Payment will be Prorated at Signup)

Now, I have the Following problem:

I'm a Nocster Reseller and I got billed Every 22 of Every Month, I sell Other Servers too (4 More DC's) but they don't bill me like BurstNET (That Pro-rates my Payment), they Bill me in an "Anniversary" way. Do you know if I can setup MB to only Prorate on only one Order Form (BurstNET's)?

More Information: http://manual.modernbill.com/adminhe..._Invoicing.htm

Really Thanks!