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Thread: e-onlinedata?

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    I have heard good and bad things about this company, and I want to know if I should make an account with them. Please vote.


    P.S. I have already read the thread about e-onlinedata...but i'm mainly looking for a majority vote.

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    Weve been using them for awhile (also resell their services).

    Good company to work with. No problems at all and happily recommend them to all our customers.

    Hope this helps

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    hmmmm, so far its split even (3 love them and 3 hate them)........I'll need to do further research on the company, thanks for your info Gargoyle ;-)

    Much appreciated!

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    Same as Gargoyle has said.

    We're very happy with them and our customers are happy as well.
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    You may want to look into I don't think you will find a love/hate thing going on there. Everyone I have seen posting about them here at WHT (myself included) has nothing but good experiences with them so far...

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    try calling the phone numbers and all you get is the answering service (not answering machine) and she says to just leave them a message... I would hate to put my stamp of approval on a company that wont even answer the phone...

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    Not bad....
    Take care,
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    why are you want to known?
    I think you want marketing it

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    Originally posted by it_email
    why are you want to known?
    I think you want marketing it

    I am not trying to market anything. I just want to know the majority thoughts on this company. It seems to be split, so I think this company cancels itself out. I will look for another company. Thanks

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