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    CC processor for adult site

    I have looked at IBill, and they seem to be good, but they take 15% plus 5% commision from each transaction.

    Anyone know of anyone cheaper, with about the same service? My client wants to use one service for the cc processing and merchant account.

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    Most CC processors will handle adult web sites now. The problem is - the set up costs (about $2,000). And this money goes to Visa/MasterCard. And then Visa/MasterCard wants around $500 a year to maintain records on you.

    You still have to pay these high charges to IBill, CCBill, & and the other third party adult processors. This is one of the reasons why 2CO & Paypal do not accept adult websites.

    Consider a real merchant account & you will not have to worry about the high discount rates. They still might be a bit higher than the norm (2.30-2.40%) - but should be a lot less than 15%.

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    e-online data will handle adult content as long is its actual merchandise sale vs streaming video, etc...

    So, if your client is selling tangible products (DVD's, etc)... take a look at them.. It wont be as cost prohibitive as some of the other options

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    ccbill takes 14.5% with a 5% hold back that goes back to you. Plus their support is great. You can give them a call any time as well if you have problems.

    Only thing is CCBill will not do tangible items.

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