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    * How do these prices sound?

    Hi there,

    I was wondering how do these prices for dedicated servers sound?

    Dual Intel Xeon
    Dual 2.4GHz Processor
    Dual Seagate 73gb SCSI 10,000rpm hard-drive
    2048mb ECC DDR RAM
    RedHat Linux 9
    Either cPanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin
    700GB Quality Hurricane Electric Bandwidth
    Semi+ Managed Services

    For $199 per month with a $249.99 setup fee.
    How does this pricing sound for the above server?
    *Eg: Is it too cheap? Should I offer a P4 3.06Ghz instead?

    Also how long do you think it'll take to sell 42 of these servers?

    Thanks for all comments.

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    hmm, maybe try lowering setup fee or make it so setup fee is lower if paid yearly?
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    Yeah. I was planning to get have actually $0 setup fee until I'd sold 42 servers, and then start charging a low one. I think you're right, $249.99 is a bit high, maybe only $99 setup - and also have it so you pay a tad more but no setup fee? What do you think of this?

    Although, about the control panel I'm not sure. cPanel is expensive, until I have over 2,000 licenses, when it becomes only $20, otherwise anything from 10 to 88 licenses and it is $42.50 per license per month. Plesk is also pricey, which I don't like too much. I like Direct Admin due to their pricing, and I can offer Direct Admin totally free. Ensim Pro and Plesk are both the same price actually.

    Any comments on the issue about the control panel and setup fee anyone?


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