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    What you think of this menu?

    I installed a menu for my site. I was wondering how do you like? Alos if it looks professional to you. Also it is a floating menu, so scroll up and down and tell me what you think. I wanted to make it user friendly by allow the user to always be in close reach of the menu. So when they are at the bottom they don't have scroll back up to get to it.

    Thanks in advance for all opinons.

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    Its really cool! The only thing that I can see wrong with it is when you mouseover and the table comes out.. I hate that little effect before it becomes clear.. Really annoying IMO... Other then that its extremely "sexy"...

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    I remember seeing this on the site before. I think you're just trying to get free self promotion (well not exactly but you know). The only difference from now and before is the menu was a little out of place before and now it's in place.

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