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    Ezzi Down Yet Again

    WTF, This is bloody rediculous!!!

    My company has lost 25% of its userbase allready due to the outages from last week (thats almost 75 customers).

    Im paying $2,200+ a month for servers @ ezzi, and im sure im not alone... this is an absolute JOKE.

    18 ( 351.819 ms 351.321 ms 351.779 ms
    19 ( 353.222 ms 354.723 ms 355.014 ms
    20 ( 338.606 ms 339.167 ms 339.752 ms
    21 ( 354.607 ms 353.530 ms 355.481 ms
    22 ( 341.276 ms 340.198 ms 520.255 ms
    23 ( 358.076 ms 358.724 ms 355.236 ms
    24 ( 342.193 ms 340.245 ms 340.493 ms
    25 ( 357.967 ms 357.746 ms 369.663 ms
    26 ( 346.983 ms 344.467 ms 342.618 ms
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I know my server lost connection not long back... but mine came back... none of yours have tabx down but i forgive you

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    Well they are gone again.

    And live support is closed.

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    Down again. Daily downtime now? A couple more days and I have a new server at and you never see me in this forum again.

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    Originally posted by Papa Smurff
    You can't blame Ezzi because it was your decision to sign a contract with them.
    err yes he can, he signed a contract to get a service they arent delivering, this would make it their fault.

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    Is this an Ezzi network issue, or Ezzi's providers? Or havent they released anything?

    If their outage is anything like ours, its the b.w providers that are to blame, but of course the customer can only report the the DC in question... not the providers..

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    Total of 3 hours of outage today.. this is a joke.

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    They are having major power isses from what I have been able to find out, with a network outage mixed in here and there for good measure. I really am starting to wonder if anyone is behind the wheel over there. They need to work these problems out NOW or they will lose many customers, including me. I am already working on an exit strategy in case they don't have this crap worked out by the end of the weekend.

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    How can so many things just go wrong at the same time. Run by monkeys

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    hmm isn't ezzi pretty reliable? They're in longisland here in NY arent they ... hmm pay them a visit

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    Suppose I could swim accross the pond (UK).

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    Yea, I thought they were stable? What has gone wrong?

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