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    Last chance - logo contest!

    I ran this contest last week but none of the entries were approved for use. The favorite entry was this:

    The main complaint about this logo was that the star looked a little separate from the rest of the logo, it kind of looked like clip art just pasted in there. The goal is to find something like this that's a bit more cohesive with the US HOLD portion. We're running the contest again as we'd love to support the WHT community and we're certain that the talent here is sufficient for our needs!


    - The website is "US Hold" (

    - The color scheme will be red,white and blue (We like this blue -> #0033FF)

    - It's a telephone music-on-hold company. Incorporating music and/or a phone might be nice

    We're not looking for anything "cheesy" - this is going to be a professional corporate presence.

    Finally, we'll need a black and white version also for print and fax usage.


    At least until the weekend, I'll keep the thread updated.


    We can pay via Paypal if you prefer, immediately. Other payment options are available too.



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    Heres my atempt

    Obviusly the quality will be better if its picked i will send the better v.

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    This is my entry from the last contest (the first one entered):

    You stated that you liked it... please tell me what you don't like about it.

    Is this design too basic? becasue half of the entries looked very similar to mine.


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    US Hold logo

    To view my logo submission click on the following link :

    US Hold Logo

    Thank you.

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    Very nice fastxeon, I was going to submit but I have a feeling yours has this one. Great Work.

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    Jeanco - please submit!

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    Thanks buddy ... just submit yours..
    I feel guilty of discouraging you ... I am sure your work will turn out good...and will be far better than mine..

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    Okay, people are asking for more feedback, so here goes!

    Let's start with this logo, which is far and away the favorite:

    The only major issue we have is that the star logo doesn't feel integrated enough with the US HOLD wording. Maybe if the star "trails" spelled out the US? I don't know (as I said before, I'm not a graphics artist!) Something to make it seem less like off-the-shelf clip art and more like a custom logo. But this logo is really close to what we're looking for. We LOVE the phone and music, and a little more work and it'd be perfect.

    I encourage either the artist who designed that work, or anyone else, to contribute. Thanks for all the input !

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    Here is a different logo emphasizing the "music" since that is the product you will be selling



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    *excellent* logo.

    * Rusko Enterprises LLC - Upgrade to 100% uptime today!
    * Premium NYC collocation and custom dedicated servers
    call 1-877-MY-RUSKO or paul [at]

    dedicated servers, collocation, load balanced and high availability clusters

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    A bit too similar to XM Radio for my taste. My boss thought it was the XM logo
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