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    pages hanging occasionally

    i just moved into my first server (had it for a month now) and on occassion the site just hangs, one page won't load and if i try loading another it won't load either (so it's not the page), a few seconds go by and things are fine. the site is mostly perl/php/mysql. now my server load never goes about .5 and my cpu never goes about 50% (even during/after a hang episode). the server is 2100xp, 1 gig ram, 7200 rpm ide drive. also, my mysql activity only averages 9 operations per second. my traffic level is 50,000 pages a day so it's well within the capabilty of my hardware.

    any idea what is causing the occasional site hanging. or suggestions to minimize it?

    another question i have apache 2 with mod_perl... do my perl script make use of speed advantages of mod_perl, or do i have to modify them?
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