12-02-03 DedicatedNOW is determined to be the best, and recent security exploits and quick preparations made for clients is just what we intend to do. We are proud to announce that we were the first to release how tos and provision customers with kernel upgrades, free of charge for all clientele. The latest security exploit, was dealt with quickly and swiftly with concern to our network, and most of all, our clients. Our senior administrators were quickly on the ball, creating and releasing the updates well before the majority of hosting companies even announced the newest exploits. Late on the evening of 12/01/03, administrators were hard at work performing kernel upgrades for any client requesting them, free of charge, to avoid the un-pleasantries of a compromised server. As soon as the exploit became aware to us, we quickly produced a how to for clients, opting to secure their own servers, while other administrators were hard at work throughout the night and well into today, assisting all clientele needing help with patching their servers, and ensuring their safety. Although we are in the midst of a sales halt, we are still focusing our attention towards customer satisfaction and service. The responses by our clients were positive, and their feedback and appreciation was felt by all. It is truly a pleasure being able to work with such a support staff and client base, and we will continue to make such provisions available to our clients to the best of our abilities. DedicatedNOW has made significant improvements in the past year since launching in late November 2002, and have been blessed with success of our company, and our clients. Later on this week, some new announcements will be made as to our current status, upcoming product launches, and further customer benefits which we choose to first offer to existing clients before publicly offering to new clientele. Our primary focus has always been in client retention rather than new sales, and Im pleased that this year has led to so many successes for us as a group and community. We will launch strong into 2004 and continue to improve our services for all of our clients. We thank you all for this true blessing bestowed upon us, for all of your support, patronage, and loyalty.