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    I am looking to start a discussion re: customer surveys.

    Basically, what do all of you think should be included in a customer survey? Especially surrounding connectivity, sales support, technical support, pricing, etc.

    What types of questions would you ask? And as far as that goes, what types of questions wouldn't you ask?

    Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.

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    We have been looking into running an ‘offsite’ customer satisfaction survey to measures our customers' "need" for many of the services that we provide, the value of the dollars spent on such services, and the level of satisfaction our customers receive from support and sales contact.

    One of the things that push anxiety into my morning coffee is asking my customers a question like “Do we charge you
    too much money? “ But then – this is what we would need to know.

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    Please see the forum rules regarding surveys and polls: - Where professionals discuss web hosting.

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