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    [email protected] w works [email protected] doesn't

    Hello, I got a problem since I deleted a Virtual Host. I think the control panel broke some sendmail settings.

    When mailing to [email protected] w it works, but when mailing to [email protected] an Mail Delivery Error returns with the following message:

    553 5.3.5 config error: mail loops back to me (MX problem?)
    554 5.3.5 <[email protected]>... Local configuration error
    Reporting-MTA: dns;
    Someone had a similar problem, and/or know how to fix this?


    PS: I did w w w with spaces because I can't post 'urls' before I had 5 posts on this forum.

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    It that on all domains?

    What OS is it?

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    It's on all domains.. I'm having a Raq 4.

    PS: Just noticed I even can't access the 'siteadmin' pages of the virtual hosts anymore (404). This seems evil.

    When I create a new virtual host I can access the siteadmin.

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    Have you rebooted the server yet?

    I'd restart the mail server in the services section in the control panel. Make sure there aren't any problems with any of the other services too.

    Are you running mailscanner or similar? Sometimes this can screw up sendmail if they're not started in the right order.

    Also double check what email the domain can accept, if you alter one then change it back to it's original settings it might sort out any corruption.


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    Thanks for you help, now it seems that this isn't the main problem anymore. The CP just broke the sites. The siteManage is broken too:

    This returns a 404 error for all Virtual Hosts:

    http//w w w w w w

    When I make new Virtual Hosts it works, though I just noticed a new one is now broken too.

    Just a guess, but I think some files the CP needs are corrupted, is this possible? Any way to fix this? Getting stressed, because many sites are hosted on this machine.

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    Missing Site Admin Pages
    1. Telnet into the server, and (as root) type:

    wget sitefix.gzchmod 755 sitefix./sitefix

    2. Open the email settings for every user on the server, check they are OK, and click "save changes". This must be done in order to rebuild the usertable which will have become scrambled by the site deletions.
    3. Install the "Mistaken Delete" patch from the Cobalt website as a matter of urgency:
    Cobalt Server (UK)

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    Thanks alot! This fixed the control panel.

    Still one thing not working: I am not able to save the 'Email Server Aliases' of some virtual hosts. I enter one, press save, and it's gone again.

    I need to enter the 'Email Server Aliases' in some Virtual Hosts again in order to let email work for those Virtual Hosts.

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    OK, sorry for my too fast error posting this time! I manually fixed some sendmail config stuff and it seems to have fixed the saving problem..

    Thanks, it's up & running again.

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