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    Need Logo for Robotics Site

    I am involved in a robotics team with my school and we are currently trying to get our robotics website up and running. What we need is a logo for the site.

    Saddly I cannot offer any money, as we just spent a ton on new sprockets, gears, and pillow blocks, but I can offer advertising on the team website. The site will mainly be used for team interaction, was well as with communication with other teams. Team websites are also judged at different events held throughout the year. If you really do a good job, or even feel so inspried to make a layout, we will put your sites logo and domain on our robot. Our robots are featured on local tv, newspapers, webcasts, and other media divices.

    The teams name is North Penn Robotics. If anyone could help out it would be a great help to our team. Thanks

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    Hey Xypher nice design ... have you got a portfolio?

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    Not yet. I am working on one though. This is actually one of my first logos.

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    ive added you to AIM you might need to remind me who you are though when your online. i may be interested in helping with the site

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