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    settnig up as a reseller company

    i'm considering buying a reseller account and starting my own webhosting company but i'ma curious at how u guys determine what price to charge for how much to give to your customers. like how did u guys split and calculate ur prices so that you won't lose money at the end.

    .us or .com,ect what suggested for company site. ".us" is cheaper but does it really matter in the sense of professionalism. do people tend to go with .coms?

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    .com is best to go with unless the domain is taken. I would take the .net with the .com personally (to make it more yours).

    To get the amount some go with is the figure out their total costs then they go from their.

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    Like what Jon FB said, look at how much you're paying per month and your space & bandwidth and try to create plans so that ultimately, you'll be earning at least twice your account costs. This might be just offering a few bulky plans that may take a large chunk out of your reseller plan, or offering loads of smaller plans. Or a mix, it really just depends on how you want to do things.

    But my best advice is not to be intimidated by the internet and places such as the hosting offers/requests here on WHT, where hosts of all sizes battle it out until they strip themselves down to lower than minimal wages @ mcdonalds. So simply, target locally and stick with your plans. Quality comes at a cost, and you should make your customers understand that -- a free trial period would help to do that, given you provide quality support
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    Argious gave some very good advice and if I were you I'd follow them.

    Also when you start out the first few months, it's always going to be hard. Just don't let that deter you if you are serious about the business.

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    Our resellers often ask these questions to us. The first thing we tell them, is to determine your cost per customer / per month. This should include the price you are paying for your reseller account, any phone line you may be maintaining, support staff, or assign some $ value to the time you expect to spend on the client.

    After you have a figure, add a resonable margin to it that you are comfortable with and .... bingo ... you have your package price all set.

    Hope this helps.

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    I would think the same thing too...If you would like to make it easier make like an excel spreadsheet so you could add calculations as to how much you are paying per GB of space and bandwidth and then when you type in plans it should automatically give you the price depending on your function used.

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    You need to build a good business plan that includes your current hosting fees, future hosting fees, startup costs, software costs, support costs, advertising expenses, accounting expenses, general office supply costs, future rent expenses, etc. Your business plan is your guide to the future and needs to be updated as your business grows.

    I think your playing russian roulette if you try and set prices without having any clue on your current/future expenses. Do the leg work now for a successful business because once you start getting hundreds of customers, it will be really hard to find the time to do a business plan. Plus you might find out that your prices are too low to allow you to have support help whether it be in house or out sourced through a company like bobcares.

    .com seems to be the standard for online businesses. I usually buy the .com, .net. .org, .us, and .info domains when starting a site that I believe might be a success. Don't risk the confusion of competing against another online company that has the same name but a different extension.

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