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    Talking Fighting SpyWare! Finally they are actually starting to do something at least...

    Thoughts, Opinions? Will you participate?
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    Consumers can avoid spyware by taking the time to closely read software privacy policies and descriptions before they download the programs. Several Web sites, including and, contain detailed listings of programs widely considered to be spyware. Several programs can erase spyware from personal computers, such as Adaware.
    They didn't mention and SpyBot.

    The Center for Democracy and Technology today urged Americans to submit details about their encounters with spyware, which often comes packaged as an unwanted addition to popular downloads like software for trading music files.
    Who? I personally think this 'think tank' would put those government grants to better use working with those website's who've been collecting spyware lists for a few years now.
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    Let's see.....
    I can't believe they left out

    It also got mentioned here...
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