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    Subject: Re: Network Administrator Job Description
    To: Multiple recipients of list NOVELL [NOVELL@SUVM.BITNET]

    > Our department is considering budgeting a full-time position for a network
    > administrator. Likely functions are network support, applications support,
    > and liaison with computing center.
    > Does anyone have a job description and salary info that might help us budget
    > such a position?

    I am currently on about 35 pages of a job description. It looks like 50 to 75 tight pages before completion.

    Basically, the description is to know everything about computers, business, training, programming and hardware support and do everything, including forecast 5-15 years into the future. Should have at least completed grade school equivalency. Have 10 years or more network experience with 20+ years of computer experience. Needs CNE certification. Be willing to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Must be willing to work for starvation wages and feel privileged to be able to work with all of the equipment. Must be trustworthy, honest, kind and above all thrifty. Must understand overtime is a luxury "we can not afford." Should be able to write 30 pages of documentation for every 10 minutes of installation work (spending no more than 10 minutes doing this documentation). Requires an even temperament, realizing that the LAN Manager is a servant to all, master of none. Should be able to learn any software package in 10 minutes, so as to perform a one day training seminar scheduled for NOW. Must be willing to work in a converted closet with no windows or ventilation. Must be willing to wear a beeper to the bathroom. Must commit to giving a minimum of one year's notice before leaving.

    There are more requirements, but that gives the general gist. Oh and by the way because of enlightened management, the salary should be at least 10% over minimal beginning secretarial wages.

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    LOL! Very good. Sounds very much like many Sysadmins I know of

    By the way, just out of curiosity... How much does Canadian and US companies pay sysadmins per year?
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    from $30,000 / year to ... $200,000 or so.
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    LMAO!! Very good, Felix!

    But on the other hand, back in my IT days when I managed seven networks and a mainframe LAN, I tasked one of my *cough* CNE's with adding a couple print queues and she asked me "How do you log on to this thing again?"

    I guess she was at NT training the day they taught that. :-)

    That's when I stopped measuring ability by looking at a piece of paper and instead focused on the tread wear.
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    That was not from me btw... it was unsigned... I took it from Packetstorm
    (one stop for all security related stuff) + some thousands of computer jokes.
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