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    Web Stats, C. Panel, & Webmail Rec's

    I'm in the process of choosing a new host, and I'm interested in other people's opinions on different Website Statistics, Control Panel, and Web-based E-mail programs that hosting companies use.

    I've had experience with SmarterMail as an e-mail program, and on the whole, I like it, but I've been coming across names like Urchin, Webalizer, H-Sphere, Horde, etc., and a screenshot will only tell you so much.

    I think the most important factor is for the programs to be user-friendly with a decent GUI because whereas I could probably figure out any program, most of my clients are computer illiterate and will need all the help they can get

    Any really good or really bad experiences with the different programs out there?

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    I don't use any of the webstats scripts all that often, and I rarely use a control panel for anything but creating an email address quickly - but I do use webbased email all the time and find horde to be the easiest and most feature filled.

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    Out of the stat programs I have used, including Urchin, Webalizer, Awstats, and Webtrends, I prefer Webalizer. It seems less cluttered than some of the others.

    Just my opinion though.
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    We offer 3 different webmail programs for our users, as do most hosts with Cpanel.
    After trying all of the 3, I found that I really prefer the Squirrel mail over Horde and Neomail. It seems to have more features, and is more like a mail program that you would use in your home or office then the others.

    As far as the control panels go as a whole,, it is really user preference. We use Cpanel, as I mentioned, and I do like it over the other control panel systems because of all its features.

    Others will prefer Hsphere becasue they offer a bit better (faster) support to the hosts that use it, but for the amount of features, I prefer using Cpanel.

    You should be able to ask any host that your interested in if they would set you up a demo account so you can check out the control panel features to help decide if you like that one, or another.
    After all,, if your helping your clients, it is best to be familiar with what your getting them into. Also, the host should have plenty of information on how to use the control panel system. Most have documentation links in the control panels, but many offer additional help like Flash tutorials that let you watch a movie and see just how to do things, instead of just reading a short help document.

    s far as what is best, it really depends on what is best for your needs and your customers needs, so try a few demos, and have real information to base your decision on.

    Best of luck with your search,

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    Is Hsphere better then Cpanel for your opinion?

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