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Thread: Redirecting DNS

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    Redirecting DNS

    I try searching for this but couldn't find anything. Anyways, what I want to know is if it is possible to have one DNS point to another DNS. Do I just add a DNS zone?

    My registrar has and as nameservers for my domain I have a reseller account that lets me edit/add dns zone (through whm) for I have another hosting account using but with another hosting company that uses and as nameservers. Is there anyway for me to use and nameservers for my domain by somehow adding a DNS zone through my reseller account using whm?

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    Yes, you can add a DNS zone for to your ns1/ nameservers through WHM. Just put in the IP address for the website at (to find out the IP, just ping Then switch's authoritative DNS servers through your domain registrar over from ns1/ to ns1/

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