It is with great regret that I have to announce the closure of Custom-Hosting.net's free accounts.
This will not effect the current accounts in any way, the only change that will be made is no new signups will be accepted.

We will, at special occasions, announce any free accounts available which will happen every now and again.
For now the "Signup for free accounts" forum will be closed to new posts, but will be open when we announce if free accounts are available.

As a last offer before we close the free account signups, we are offering a last 5 accounts.
The terms and conditions for these 5 accounts are the same as per all free accounts.
You must be over 18 years of age to make a request for one of these last 5 accounts.
More information on the free accounts can be found here

The reason for this is mainly so we can ensure providing reliable free accounts - We always set out to offer free accounts at a higher standard than your normal free host, first providing ensim control panel over a year ago to then providing ensim and cPanel, even for free accounts.
I believe that stopping free accounts at this stage is a good move, it will ensure the current free accounts have a very reliable account with free support - Right now support for free accounts is provided through a helpdesk, live chat, email, our community forums and an FAQ.

Hopefully people will understand this move.

Thank you,
John Diver,
Custom-Hosting.net Admin