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    Anyone have experience with offers 1U+5MB burstable co-location for $15. Does anyone have experience with these guys?


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    Er, they offer 1U+5GB for $15. As in... less transfer than most $5 hosting plans come with.

    If you think 5GB is going to be enough for your server, go for it... but beware this catch in their TOS:

    "For burstable bandwidth, customer will be billed for all overage at a rate of $1.50/GByte in $100 increments."

    According to that, your 5GB package could quickly end up costing you $115 if you're not careful. 5GB is an extremely small amount of transfer. IMHO, it shouldn't really be considered for a colo server unless it's a secondary server that is mostly talking to a primary.

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    These people capped off ports if you buy bw at mbps.

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    I tried them once. We cancelled out account with them and they billed us not once, but *twice* after we cancelled. Reason for cancelling is we needed a simple reboot and could not get it for around 2 weeks, calling daily. I would recommend you stay away - the price is nice, but not THAT nice.

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