A new Cover Story has just been published at Domain Name Journal:

The Full Monte: Why an Industry Pioneer's One Stop Shop Kept Expanding Long After the Bubble Burst

It's the story of Monte Cahn, a key player in the first $1 Million Dollar domain sale (AND the first $2 Million Dollar sale). He established the first domain brokerage on the Internet back in 1996 and his company not only survived when the bubble burst, it thrived. Knowing how the guy who manages Ultimate Search's entire portfolio did it could help your business too.

But that's not all. For the past 5 months Dr. Robert Connor has been conducting a worldwide poll of domain buyers to see what extensions are preferred in the various countries around the world. He has now tabulated the results and written all about it in a new Front Page Feature at DNJ.

...and don't forget the new weekly Domain Sales column will be out Tuesday. Thanks for looking. :-)