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    Thumbs up cPanel and WHM Flash Tutorials ONLY $20

    That's right! Only $20 for each set of QUALITY demo's!

    Your logo is added FREE of charge! There are no "Powered By..." advertisements. Just YOUR logo and a tutorial, that's it!

    You can see them here as well as order here:


    cPanel demos: CPANEL DEMO LINK ** CLICK HERE

    There is a contact email address on each page as well.


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    question ...

    1) what is the turn-around time on these ?
    2) are you going to be doing other series in the future ?
    Nathan M.
    A decade of professional hosting !

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    Yes, any chance of an Ensim Pro series?

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    I do not have access to Ensim. If you can get me access, I will do it.

    Turn around time is usually 1 hour. Just email me using the address on that page and I can give you a better time frame.

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    Do you do custom tutorials? I would love this helps for my Cpanel skin. How much would it cost around?


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    Wow these look great!

    I'm seriously interested in purachasing these.

    How big is the average tutorial?

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    if we buy these without a logo, will you remove the "your logo here" splash?

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    This has already been addressed (not here).....

    I will leave it as NO LOGO (blank) for an extra $10/set and I will add an option for the demos to run from only ONE URL.

    I know this sounds crazy but is the only way I can ensure that nobody tries to resell my already discounted demos, which has already happened.

    So as you can see, your better off just to add your logo to the demos and call it good. Every company has a logo, right?

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    Do you have any plans to add site studio tutorials and domain name management at the various registrar's?


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    I will do the DNS changes for up to 10 registrants and will give them for $20.

    If 4 people reply or email me I will start on this set NOW.

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    please do i will buy the cpanel and dns if you can do the dns as well

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    I will try to have the DNS complete today. The biggest challenge is gaining access to the different *.com's admin areas without me having to register domain names.

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    I ordered your demos on the 7th (Nov), went on vaction, but still had my laptop with me, and have not seen one email from you yet regarding the 30 cpanel x templates that i paid you for

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    Give me some info here... something to work with. What was the PayPal transaction #? Your logo was sent on what day?

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    Thanks for the great tutorials, Great selection at a great price. The delay was likely a bunch of issues including me going on vacation, i would just recommend a more streamlined order system and you'll be on your way to a great business

    When will you have your DNS tutorials finished?

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