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    Any one willing to, plz need graphics

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    Is it possible to provide more information?

    - Domain Name
    - Complete website title
    - Slogan
    - You providing info
    - Do you just need design or coding also
    - Do you have a logo to send us
    - Do you have a list of sites you like

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    Well I cant spend much, No slogan title

    T-L-C Educational service

    and it needs to be designed and coded .

    And I need a area where I can add links easly, and remove links easly. thanks guys


    T.L.C. Educational services

    About Us
    At T.L.C. Educational Services our goal is to give our students the tools they need to become independent learners. Children and adults with learning differences are very "abled" individuals who are "disabled" in certain learning situations. These individuals are often bright and talented in physical and/or creative areas. Their learning difference is very frustrating and may cause them to withdraw or "act out" in order to cope with their learning difference.
    Teaching these students coping strategies may be helpful but it is not enough. We believe students need to be taught in a different way, because they can learn! This is why we offer a variety of research-based programs at T.L.C. Educational Services. These programs include multi-sensory strategies and materials to deliver a systematic, sequential and direct teaching approach. Our experienced and trained educational therapists focus on the attention and thinking processes needed to learn efficiently as well as remediate any skills the student may have missed in his or her educational career. Our educational therapists strive to get students to process skills at an automatic level. In order for this to occur, students must come frequently and stay as long as automaticity takes. Repetition for these students is critical! Students must attend a minimum of 2-4 hours a week. The more frequently a student comes to T.L.C. the more efficient and cost effective is therapy. We work with all age levels. You are never too old to learn or overcome a learning difference so it is never too late! Our staff is dedicated to do whatever it takes for our students to achieve their potential and become independent learners.

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    Their really is no budget, on TIME, but!!!! I have barly any money and your designs H4H Look very nice and expensive!, I will need a estamate. Unelss somone can be ncie and make a free one, cause this is all going to a good cause. Im trying to help my teacher out with her business T-L-C Which she has no money and Im trying to help, welllllllll I cant help that much either if I dont have money, Im trying my hardest to get a layout from somone, they all say NO, and want ridiculas prices.

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    Sites I really like - only thing is, Its to plan, I would love a layout just like that but with more interesting things, More complicated designs, I need a professional look. This is awesome, Maby insted of a black backround, make it white. So make it white and make all the other colors look good to match the white.

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    Hi Michaelsp,

    If you mentioned this is for good cause, I maybe do it for volunteerary basis. The only condition is, I can only do this whenever my partners have free time, so turnaround time must be more than 1 week.

    I ran few searches on the net and found out her site and perhaps yours. Are you the owner of lcwebdesign?

    Administrative Contact:
    Rush, Brad (BR10113) [email protected]
    LC Web Design
    14145 N 92 St. #2065
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260
    480-860-9840 fax: 480-767-8895

    If yes, I need to know this before taking the project. May I know why can't you design the site for your teacher?
    Opportunity comes from imagination, thus knowledge really lies in the middle of difficulty.

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    ran few searches on the net and found out her site and perhaps yours. Are you the owner of lcwebdesign?\

    no.? never heard of it
    T-L-C Educational Services

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    I already asked my friend to help you. He promised to contact you very soon.

    If there's any problems just PM me.
    Opportunity comes from imagination, thus knowledge really lies in the middle of difficulty.

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    aww thank u very much

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