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    Good for the price?

    I will be purchasing a new server and will get it colocated. Here is the setup:

    Dual (2) AMDŽ Athlon MP 2400+ Processors
    1.5GB ECC DDR266 PC2100 Memory
    Two (2) 120GB ATA133 7200RPM Hard Drives
    Promise ATA133 RAID Onboard Controller
    Intel 10/100BT Ethernet
    450W PSU
    Sony 52x CD-ROM
    Tower Case

    All of this for $2500CAD including shipping and tax.

    Will be hosting a maximum of 85 sites on it.
    Is this a good deal? It is new, not used.

    Is it enough for what I want to do with it?
    Sorry, I am new to servers like this and I really don't know what is best for website hosting.
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    also, with an 8mbit connection, can I host a small 16 player HL server? Will it take too many resources and bandwidth?
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    You probably want a rackmount server to save on monthly costs of rack space.

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    I don't mind the monthly costs, the max difference will be like $25-40 so that is nothing major. I will be hosting sites for free, and currently with 10 clients, that pays for most of the monthly cost.
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    Regarding your question about the half life server, I'd imagine if you aren't using much of your 8 Mbit connection, it'll be perfect. I use to run a 12 player counterstrike server on a T1 (1.54mbps) and it was fine.

    About that price, you might call to see what kind of price they can get you.

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    I got a quesiton though. You said the server is $2500CAD a month, then what is the monthly recurrning cost?

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    no, it costs $2500 after tax and shipping. I am looking into different providers for bandwidth, but right now, I want to know if the server is good enough so I can start saving for it.
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    You want to stay with rackmountable to save you money in the long run. 40 a month means 480 a year.

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    but the rackmountable servers I saw were slower than this, and had less power.
    Here is an example this is $100 more:
    IntelŽ Pentium 4 - 3.06GHz Processor
    Hyperthread Technology Enabled
    512K Cache/533MHz Front Side Bus
    Intel 845GE Chipset
    1GB Micron PC2100 DDR (2 x 512MB)
    120GB ATA100 7200RPM Hard Drive
    Dual (2) Intel 10/1000BT Gigabit NICs

    -Less ram
    -1 Hard-drive (I want RAID because a drive failed on me once and my clients got really mad at me)
    -you can debate this: But I love Athlons (Currently running a 1700+ @ 2.3GHz), and I think that the dual MPs are more powerful.
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    Best you could do is a 2U rackmountable (if AMD).. I'm suprised you would go tower.. unless some place charges you the same 1U or tower.. it's just not a good idea..

    As for the price maybe I'm wrong.. but I think $1500 might be more reasonable for that computer.. I build computers so that just sounds more like what I would pay if I where to deploy a Dual 2U (but then again I might use semi used parts)

    85 sites would be fine on either box long as they didn't wrong cpu intesive scripts, mysql etc. and a 16 player cs will probally do fine..

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    You may want to get a quote for a server from rackmountsetc. I think they can offer you a better deal than $2500.

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    $2500 is in Cdn. Where you get this quote from amirk999?

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    I used for servers. They use Vison and CyberPC servers. I don't know any other retailers in Canada that have servers for sale.
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