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    Looking for Colocation in Boston

    Hi, my name is Alex Annese, I am a film student at Emerson College and looking for some extra income. I've been on computers for as long as I can remember, and I think it's time I started making money with them. I talked to a friend of mine who owns a webhosting company in Atlanta, and he turned me on to this forum. What I'm looking for is a colocation in Boston I can put my servers, I have a security guy. I want to start off very small at first, maybe two rack servers, but with definate plans to branch out in the future.

    If anyone in the Boston area has a pipeline and willing to put up a few rack servers, let me know, state your price, and maybe we can do business.

    Alex Annese
    Boston MA

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    dave at will help you out, they have space in internap in boston. he is FHDave on these fora. alternatively, post a request in the 'dedicated and collocation requests' forum to see what else is available.

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