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    The Effect Of Spews on Traffic

    If an IP is listed on the Spews database, does it effect primarily the mail aspect of the site, or does it also effect traffic? Can a site listed by Spews lose traffic (visitors) because of being listed on such lists?

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    Not that I know of.. it deals with spam from what they describe on the Website ..


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    No. SPEWS affects only email. SPEWS I believe is died or something too.
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    1st.. Spews never died, their website was DDos'd but, looks like they have pulled out of that as well. They have many people on the internet who will gladly help them. Most of the people who are willing to help spews (whomever they are) are on the higher end of the internet chain...

    Spews has been previously put into BGP form, although most people use it to block email only. however it does say if you are listed that either the landing page, or the mail source is in your IP space. The way spews works is if the problem persists then the listing will be made larger so simply moving your MX'ers will only prove to bandaid the situation. Best bet if you have a spam problem, kill it, kill it fast and use a big heavy stick.


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