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    Frustrated Guest
    Hi there people, I need some advice on searching for the suitable webhosting provider for my website.

    Here's some basic information,

    My site receives around 30,000 to 50,000 per month and it's slowly increasing.
    Page views is about 400,000 to 600,000 per month ( My site uses UBB Forum )

    My current provider aint good enough as my site keeps lagging and sometimes unable view due to heavy traffic. I need a new provider who are fast and able to coup to my demand. My financing is also limited so I cant afford any big stuff.

    Please advise.


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    Post your e-mail address or send me an e-mail at [email protected] I'd love to give you a few solutions. Thanks for your time.

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    Hi there!
    You might consider getting in contact with Steve at
    I do know they have an account that comes with 40gb transfer and they also have dedicated servers, so you might have some options there. One of our clients recently OUTgrew their account, and did not choose to go dedicated but needed alot of bandwidth, and as far as I know tera-byte has had good past reviews, etc. You might also want to look into as they might have a solution too. I do not work for either company, but run my own but we do have limitations and I refer potential clients
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    I think you should lease a dedicted server from - Extra bandwidth for $3/GB
    That is very cheap

    Rajiv Mehta

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    If you can't afford big stuff, look into sharing a dedicated server with someone. You probably can't do this for less than $150 and still get a good server.

    The big problem here is that UBB is a major CPU hog. You might also look at switching to something like vbulletin (which this board runs). It runs PHP which means that the CPU isn't working overtime to get the job done.

    Hope this helps
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    eva2000 Guest
    yeah if you do switch to vbulletin or a php/mysql based forum, make sure you have php4 and zend optimiser installed on your server... reduced my server load by 20 - 50 %

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    Originally posted by Frustrated
    Hi there people, I need some advice on searching for the suitable webhosting provider for my website.

    Do you currently have a dedicated server?

    that would probably be the way to go

    I would recommend

    they have nices prices and their bandwidth for their smalledst plan starts at 100gb transfer/mo
    (note: if you talk to a sales guy they really work with you)

    I just signed up with them and it took 48hrs to set me up

    support seems excellent. I called at 4am in the morning with questions and talked to one of their techies


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