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    Thumbs down Never Use One2Host.


    This post is to explain my experience with One2host's Owner Brian Shawa.

    He had posted for 30 templates Project on this site in Jan, 2003.

    It was a big project and I started initial talks with him and then was selected for the project.
    We have agreed on $1500+$300 as bonus if I deliver all the templates before the said time.
    While designing the templates He offered me more jobs like designing for his new sites ,

    Website Site Builder Screens and his new site

    He decided to pay by set of 5 templates which he paid without any problems till 25 templates. Then He was

    to pay me for Site Builder, site, last 5 templates and the bonus. but he vanished and never

    came back. so he owes me around USD $850.
    He also asked me to design a website for his friend (Sam of who also vanished after

    taking the images and HTML from me.

    I had sent brian a lot of mails afterwards but of no use. He comes online often but donot reply to my


    He had given me free hosting account that was closed by him when I asked him that I'll post this on wht and

    will sell all the templates. I can still see my site.. but I cant use the ftp account logins.

    I had seen a lot of posts against one2host's owner Brian Shawa.. But as he paid on regular intervals for first 20-25 templates.. I was thinking that He is a good person to deal with.

    Please check the following links which also explain more about one2host's service...

    By this message I hope some of the people who are going with one2host for hosting and are planning to work for one2host will get aware of their style of dealing.

    Please let me know what should I do from here on. Is there anyway I can get my money back?

    Please Help.



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    If you have proof of payment

    Then suit a case against them with compensation......

    Donot afraid on anything to go for a case....

    You can get the justice there only.

    Best of luck......

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