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Thread: VDI?

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    Anyone who uses or has looked into using VDI please give me your opinion.

    We are looking for a server change and really like VDIs CP but it worries me that you can not use the CP out of there NOC.


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    UltraspeedUSA is located at VDI. As in there servers are at VDI. There support is pretty good. They ran into some problems last year, but have pulled out of them pretty well!
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    I just got my server running with VDI, and I must say, I am impressed. The support has been great. I had a few questions about how some of the things on the server worked and sent in a support request. They emailed the answer in less than an hour, and called me the next day to make sure everything was working correctly. They have even called me to check on how things are going when I haven't sent in a support request.

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    jordan Guest


    A decision was taken by the companys that host within VDI a number of months ago to not allow the cpanel out of the NOC.

    For that reason the only place to get Cpanel is @ VDI or with a host who co-locates there.


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