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    NOC changes IP block. What happens with namebased accounts and trust relationship?

    Hope that someone here can help me. The NOC just announced that they stops using Savvis and therefore must change all client IP addresses as they will be using a new IP block henceforth.

    My questions are:

    I have about 1200 accounts whereof the majority are set up namebased using server IPs affected by this. - Will I have to change IP for each of these accounts manually in WHM or will it change automatically when changing the server IP. Sigh, I can't believe that they did this without notifying us a few weeks in advance.

    Also, the servers are in a trust relationship with other servers in other NOCs. The master server will have to change IP. How will this affect slave servers in the other data centers? Will I have to recreate the trust relationship.

    Finally, what about SSL certificates. Many users are having them and the servers are having shared ssl certificates installed as well. Will changing IPs for these accounts affect the certificates or can they continue using them.

    Hoping for some help here


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    SSL has nothing to do with ips.. your certs will be ok..

    As far as the change over, if the majority are on shared, you should be able to change that "Shared" ip somewhere, and redo the apache conf (generate).

    I don't have cpanel experience, sorry.. however I assume you would change the master ip, then goto the slaves and change those.. then modify your trust relationships to the new ip base.

    I suggest RIGHT NOW you go in and modify your name servers and drop the refresh times down to < 1 hour so that you have minimal downtime. If you don't know how to do this, either ask cpanel or wait for a reply from somebody here who has direct cpanel experience.
    Joseph Marcelletti

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