It's been quite awhile since we have offered any new pricing, but we are back with all new pricing and packages, and a new datacenter location.

We are currently making all the arrangements to move into a new datacenter facility, and are taking preorders to fill one of our initial cabinets. By the time you sign up and send us your server, we will be ready to get it online!

Pricing is as follows (Please note that most pricing has been LOWERED for WHT preorders):

Rack Space: $15/month per U
Per GB: $1.40
Per 128k: $40/month
Per 1mbps: $385/month
More than 4mbps contact us for a quote!

With the above pricing, you are getting a better deal than our discounted packages!

As for some information about the facility...
Location: Columbus, OH
Bandwidth providers: Williams, TimeWarner, Verio, XO.
The facility makes use of PathControl technology by RouteScience to ensure the FASTEST available route is taken.
Conditioned power, UPS backup, Diesel backup (of course)
IP will be available soon, if necessary.

Any questions? Contact me at the below email address!