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    is worth the $10 backorder I placed for it? please appraise this domain...

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    First of all... not a good idea to tell everyone you backordered a name and telling everyone here what that name is, since there's a lot of backorder companies out there. You might loose it to someone else now.

    On the other hand... I do not like the name personally. I'm not a webhost, but if I started one.. this is not the name to choose. Since 0, 10, 100 customers is not a big webhost.

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    Thanks my backordering service has just handed me the domain...
    you really think its a bad name... i got it thinking that it would give the impression to clients that they would get a big amount of bandwidth and space...

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    I think the domain is pretty good... if i had $30 in paypal i would pay it. but then again thats me

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    This domain could be used for a typical webhost. I think there is a good chance that you will be able to sell it to a webhosting company. I am not sure about the price but starting at somehting like 50$

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    Where are you backordering for $10?
    Ken O. TKO

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