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    need host with strong forum plus streaming

    Hi all,

    I'm not looking for offers, just advice . . .

    I am looking for a host who offers streaming media (not http) AND extended support (a very healthy active forum community, telephone, perhaps online tutorials). For some reason, I'm having difficulty finding this.

    Other than the above, my needs are relatively standard (shared, around 2 gigs storage, 20 gigs bandwidth, room to expand, etc.etc.). Price is my least concern.

    I already posted a request but didn't receive any responses that met all of my criteria. I figured there might be some people here who don't check the request forum but know of a host with these things to offer.



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    You might want to check with and see if they offer streaming. In regards to your request for a strong community forum, there is none stronger out there that is provided by a shared hosting provider.
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    Which type of streaming media do you require? Since you are not talking about http, the type is important... example real, Quicktime, Windows Media 9 etc.
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    Coach: Yeah, that httpme forum is nice. Sadly, they only offer http streaming. They're on my short list if I decide to go with a separate streaming host.

    sprintserve: I'm still in the process of researching the options, so, I'm pretty flexible at this point. I'm thinking probably real for audio and quicktime for video. But I'm sure there might be better solutions. I guess that's a question for another forum . . .

    Right now, I'm just interested in researching hosts who support streaming at all (and have good forums) then continue my research from there (i.e. Can I work with the types they support or do other types make more sense? etc.).

    If I can't find anything satisfactory, I'll regroup and figure out if I would be better off with a separate streaming host.

    By the way . . . if you've got any advice you'd like to share on the subject of streaming in general, feel free to pass it along . . .



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