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    A couple of domains..

    What do you think about these ones?: (possible TM issue, or I might develop this one). It has been a site from 99-00 I think, selling Victorinox and Wenger tools/knives.

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    could you explain what the word opel means? i always thought it was "opal" i checked and couldn't find a meaning, however it looks like a car model? from searching

    as such! i don't really know if there's much of a market, you will probably know better.. from the looks i would say around $15-$20 + reg fee from my research done.

    you are on the right path with the domains, with the right potential leads i would think around $30-$35 + reg fee.

    Good Luck!

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    Opel is a (german) car brand. Lots of Opels down here in Europe

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    i agree with nuthin about it might be worth quite a bit to the right person, but my value is $30 and if there was a commercial website on this i'd expect it to be worth a hell of a lot more.

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